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New Curtis Turner Book Now Available!

Full Throttle - The Life and Fast Times of Curtis Turner
Robert Edelstein
1585674389     Format:  Hardcover     Publication Year:  2005
Category:  Biography & Memoir / Auto sports         Condition:  New

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Curtis Turner is featured in an excellent book

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This is thought to be Curtis Turner's FIRST RACE
Do you know WHERE and any of the other competitors? EMAIL HERE

Curtis Turner rolls his #41 over the embankment over other cars the Daytona Beach Course race in 1952

Herb Thomas (3rd), Fireball (2nd) and Curtis (1st(
Podium Finish with checks and sponsor Pepsi in hand

First Place - Daytona Beach Course Convertible Race 1956

Curtis Turner #26 in Daytona Beach Course Convertible Race witha big lead in 1956.
Fireball trails as you look back onto A1A asphalt going into south turn 3

Where? Email HERE

41-A - Early Curtis L Turner with helmet in hand
Floyd County, Virginia's Most Successful Driver

Curtis Turner wins 1956 Convertible Race at Daytona Beach Course in 1956

'58 Fords at Atlanta - Joe Weatherly in the #12

Pops in 1974 Chevelle

Curtis Turner is featured in an interesting movie . . . .

VERY RARE - Original RACING Movie Classic Poster
"Thunder in Carolina"    
Directed by Paul Helmick
Writing credits  Alexander Richards
Rory Calhoun .... Mitch Cooper
Alan Hale Jr. .... Buddy Schaeffer
Connie Hines .... Rene York
Race Gentry .... Les York (as John Gentry)
Ed McGrath .... Reichert
Troyanne Ross .... Kay Hill
Helen Downey .... Eve Mason
Van Casey .... Stoogie
Tripplie Wisecup .... Myrtle Webb
Carey Loftin .... Tommy Webb
Billie Langston .... Peaches
Ann Stevens .... Singer
George Rembert Jr. .... Junior Thorsen
Olwen Roney .... Motel manager
Richard Taylor .... Higgins
William Sprott .... Roy Greenleaf
Wes Stone .... Deputy
Thomas M. Godbold .... Minister
Ray Melton .... Track announcer, 'Southern 500'
Raymond Caddell .... Dirt-track announcer
Edith Scott .... Maid
Carolyn Melton .... Miss Southern 500
2nd Marine Division Band .... Themselves
Francis Thompson .... Himself (cymbal player, Marine band)
Buck Baker .... Grand National race driver
Joe Caspolich .... Grand National race driver
Neil Castles Sr. .... Grand National race driver
Joe Eubanks .... Grand National race driver
Shep Langdon .... Grand National race driver
Curtis Turner .... Grand National race driver
Joe Weatherly .... Grand National race driver


Curtis Turner was featured as the first stock car
race driver on the cover of Sports Illustrated.

He was referred to as the "Babe Ruth of Auto Racing"









Curtis Turner on Daytona Beach, 1958,
in the North turn lettin' it all hang out. . . .

Eddie Taylor from NC, writes that Full Throttle tells of a "party room" at Curtis's house complete with girls on the wall and when the special lighting (black lites) came on, the girls lost their clothes!
Curtis is serving . Curtis may may have lost a race or two, but he never lost a party!

Allison vs. Turner

When Bobby Allison came on the NASCAR circuit, he was as tough as an anvil. He didn't back down from anyone. In August 1966, he took on crusty veteran Curtis Turner on the quarter-mile, flat Bowman Gray Stadium in Winston-Salem, North Carolina.

The battle began when Turner hooked Allison's rear bumper, spinning him on Lap 8 of the 250-lap event. Allison lost a lap, but joined right back in running up front, and was trying to pass Turner to get back in the lead lap. Turner was blocking all comers. As he moved to the outside to block a move for the lead, Allison dove under Turner and the cars rode three abreast into the third turn.

Turner and Allison came together. Turner's Ford spun, and he returned to the track moving slowly, waiting on Allison's Chevrolet. Allison saw what was happening and did not fall into the trap. Rather, he cut back and hit Turner's car in the rear. After that, it was man versus machines for the next 10 laps. They hit each other like they were in bumper cars at the county fair. Some of the banging occurred under the yellow flag. Turner spun Allison, and Allison came back and spun Turner. Turner waited on Allison once again for another shot at his car. Allison aimed his wrecked racer at Turner and buried the front of his car into Turner's car.

They ran into each other until neither car would move. The drivers climbed from their cars, and Turner jumped over a fence and walked off up through the grandstands. NASCAR fined each driver $100 for "rough driving."

"I didn't know what to expect, but I figured that Turner would be out to get me," Allison said.

"Finally, we were at another track, and I saw him coming toward me. He put his big, old right arm around my neck and whispered in my ear, 'You know, Pops, we ought to have a big drink and go somewhere and talk about old times.'

"We never had any trouble after that."

Fan Replies:

4/5/05:  Hi Mr. Via, my name is Eddie Taylor. I just found your great website FireballRoberts.com  (I'm a big Curtis Turner fan). I wanted to share this with you after reading your account of seeing Fireball the first time. I'm originally from Lumberton, NC, and my dad and 2 of his friends let me come along to the 2nd Rebel 300. Even back then I loved Curtis...imagine my delight when he won that day. After the race somehow I got on pit road with my racin' program and being 9 years old I was too dumb to be afraid and went around asking for autographs. I really only knew Fireball by his picture and that he was a great racer. I went up to him and asked for his autograph in my book, he smiled at me and wanted to know where my parents were. I replied that they were wandering around also and that I wasn't lost or anything. While signing my book he looked at me and said, "Well kid, did you have fun today?" I said I did and he replied "Good, keep coming back". I got many autographs that day, Lee Petty, Marvin Panch, but unfortunately my Rebel 300 program has been lost through the years. Sure would like to see it again. One other thing I got Joe Weatherly's autograph and asked him if he knew where Curtis was. Of course at age 9 I didn't realize who I was talking to and Joe, with a straight face, says "Last time I saw him he was drivin' around the race track in a convertible" and laughed. I was too dumb to realize I was talking to the second place finisher, and he was messin' with me good....Thank you for your COOL web site...I'll be sure and let other friends know about it.........Eddie

Curtis - Daytona Beach

Hand built and lettered diecast by Andrew Logan

Curtis with Smokey's '57 Ford

Hand built Model 60 ford

1968 - what track? What Owner?

Curtis Turner (Smokey's #13) racing Rex White (4) at Charlotte 1963

.... and back to the other pictures

Favorites: Plane, Race Car and...... Girl. WHO IS SHE? EMAIL HERE


International Raceway Park in 1964

Great Model built by Bill Little

41 Curtis Turner, 26 Bobby Isaac

1965 Curtis Turner Bill Lilly Ford. Just back from banishment.


Bowman Grey Stadium


Rebel Roy Hall, Raymond Parks on the beach, Daytona

Holman-Moody 1957 Ford Convertible on Daytona Beach - South turn

Curtis spinning in car #47

Curtis and his beloved airplane a Charlotte showing off

A brave soul flying with Curtis. Passenger is Richard Howard

Final Resting Place (notice plane & car)



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